Thursday, August 23, 2012

Today's Happy Hopping Moron: Ted Cruz

Would you believe a United Nations conspiracy to eliminate the game of golf? How about one to eliminate paved roads? Of course not. That's ludicrous.

Would you believe that the Tea Party Republican candidate for Senate from Texas is leading in the polls despite having claimed not only that there was such a conspiracy but also that it was something to take seriously?

Unfortunately, you'd be correct to believe that last bit about such a Republican leading in the polls. It may be ludicrous to believe the conspiracy at all and even more ludicrous to believe that it could be a serious concern, but yet Republicans are being elected despite promoting such obviously insane notions. Tea Party Republican Ted Cruz claims that George Soros and the United Nations are actively working to rob us of our golf courses. And not just our golf courses, but also grazing pastures and paved roads. Seriously. He really says that. On his own blog. Cruz rants about the alleged, "attempts to abolish “unsustainable” environments, including golf courses, grazing pastures, and paved roads."

As Ian Millhiser put it,
"In reality, Agenda 21 is a twenty year-old non-binding resolution which speaks largely at a very high level of generality about reducing poverty and building sustainable living environments. The United States is one of 178 nations that signed onto this non-binding agenda — and we did so during the Bush Administration. So if Agenda 21 actually were a nefarious Soros plot to destroy paved roads and take away our sacred right to golf courses, it has worked very badly. Two decades after Agenda 21 was produced, Ted Cruz himself is still allowed to sell golf shirts on his website with minimal intrusion from UN peacekeepers."
Cruz is clearly a bit beyond moron and into nut-case territory. However, we don't find that to be a disqualification and so Ted Cruz is today's Happy Hopping Moron.

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