Monday, August 27, 2012

Today's Happy Hopping Moron: Reince Priebus

Today's HHM award isn't quite as flaming obvious as some of our previous recipients. The core stupid is not so much in this HHM's statement directly as in the implications. In a recent interview, RNC chairman Reince Priebus said, “I think Obama’s policies have created a sense that, for whatever reason, he’s looking for guidance, as far as health care is concerned, as far as our spending is concerned, as far as these stimulus packages are concerned — he’s looking to Europe for guidance,” Priebus explained.

Since when is Mitt Romney Europe?

See, the ACA -- what they like to call "Obamacare" -- is based largely on what Massachusetts implemented under Romney, i.e. "Romneycare". The ACA derives from vintage 2006 Romney state governance repackaged to a national level. President Obama's health care policies looked directly to Romney's work in Massachusetts for guidance.

So is Mitt Romney Europe now? Or did Romney draw guidance from Europe to create Romneycare? Because if Obamacare draws guidance from Europe it must be indirectly by way of Romney.

It seems like a reasonable assumption Priebus, as the Republican chair, was trying to slam Obama. Yet his statement -- drawn to its logical conclusion -- must argue that his own party's candidate is the original culprit in this great Republican sin of "looking to Europe for guidance". We're not convinced that looking to Europe for guidance was going on here let alone that it would necessarily be a bad thing. But it's quite clear the Priebus just opened his mouth and inserted his foot to slam his own candidate with that so-called sin. Either he's mindbogglingly stupid to not understand that his own candidate would be the actual source of the "guidance". Or he's counting on his base to be so stupid that they'll not understand that if there's any Europe in the ACA it comes by way of Mitt Romney.

That either makes Reince Priebus a fool or a prince of fools counting upon their foolishness. Either way, Reince Priebus is today's Happy Hopping Moron.

Happy Hopping Moron: Reince Priebus

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