Saturday, September 8, 2012

Today's Happy Hopping Moron: Pamela Geller

Where to start with this one? Pamela Geller is primarily known as a blogger who named her blog after one of Ayn Rand's foolish fictions that celebrate the denial of the fact that cooperative effort has value for the individual. This should be obvious, but yet Rand's Objectivists fail to grasp that rational self-interest can often be best served by collective actions.

Which reminds me of a great parody video: "How Ayn Rand and L. Ron Hubbard Came Up With Their Big Ideas". But back to Geller ...

Not content with basing her platform on the failosophical delusions of a hypocritical, half-baked fiction author, Geller has more than one-upped Rand on the road to ridiculous. She's co-founded a hate group. She's fully promoted the Birther idiocy on her blog, even adding novel new ravings to that field of crap. And now she's denying history, trying to claim that the advances from Islam's golden age are "revisionism" ... when in fact they're just history from a group's golden age.

So for all of the above -- and a few more things that we just couldn't bring ourselves to type because they're that moronic -- Pamela Geller is today's Happy Hopping Moron.

Birther Pamela Geller, today's Happy Hopping Moron

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